For Immediate Release

Monday, May 14, 2018

“The US Government has the blood of dozens more Palestinians, including children, on their hands today as Israel’s sharpshooters once again have casually massacred fifty-two more people in Gaza,” said William Singer, a member of Portland’s chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace.  “As taxpayers and as citizens of this country, we have the moral imperative to speak out and protest these brutal crimes against a people that the Israeli government, our own government, and many in the western media have grossly vilified and dehumanized; these mass killings are the result.”

“This is Israel’s Sharpeville, this is its Bloody Monday, this is its Attica, this is the face of oppression ongoing for 70 years, and this is the courage of Palestinians who live in an open-air prison,”  said Rod Such, another member of JVP.  “Oregon’s congressional delegation must speak out; we must demand that they speak out, and we must show up tomorrow at 3:30pm outside Senator Merkley’s office and at the Nakba Day March at 5:00pm at the PSU campus.”

Local protests against the killings in Gaza will take place tomorrow, May 15th, at 3:30pm and at 5:00pm here in Portland.  At 3:30pm there will be a demonstration outside the offices of Senator Jeff Merkley (World Trade Center, 121 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR 97204.)  At 5:00pm, the Palestine solidarity community will gather for a Nakba Day march starting at the Native American Student and Community Center (710 SW Jackson Street, Portland, OR 97201).