For Immediate Release
May 8, 2018
Jewish Voice for Peace – Portland, Oregon

The Portland chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace again condemns the flagrantly illegal and morally grotesque policy by the Israeli state of using live ammunition against peaceful protesters in the Gaza Strip. Only today at least three Palestinians were injured by live fire, with a 19-year-old, Anas Abu Aser, dying from wounds suffered from Israeli sniper fire on April 27th. “Without reservation we condemn this brutal use of deadly force against peaceful, unarmed protesters in Gaza, protesters who pose no threat to the Israeli soldiers currently killing and maiming dozens of Palestinians as they follow orders and operate under rules of engagement that grossly violate international law,” said William Singer, a member of Portland’s chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace.

JVP-Portland has circulated a letter calling on Senator Jeff Merkley and the other members of the Oregon delegation to condemn, speak out and take action to bring an end to the lawless action by the Israeli military on the border of Gaza. The letter, with over 280 signatures, is available here:

Gaza Letter, April 2018

Local Palestine rights organizations are planning an action for Nakba Day on May 15th, the day that marks the displacement and dispossession of upwards of 800,000 Palestinians from their land in what became the state of Israel.

To interview members of the local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, please call 503-888-7455. For additional background and updates, please see links below

Israeli army opens fire on Gaza protesters sixth week in a row